The Spots n Stripes Blanket

Spot n Stripes Blanket

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook pages, you may be aware that I decided to donate all the sales of this pattern up until the end of August, to the Lebanese Red Cross .

This was in the wake of the devastating explosion a few weeks ago which destroyed so much of the city of Beirut, already struggling to cope with the Covid pandemic as well as an economic emergency.

As I write this, you have so far raised £470 by purchasing the pattern, and on August 31st I will make the donation.

So there is still time to add to the total if you haven’t already done so and that would be amazing.

All the details about the blanket can be found HERE

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I’ve been involved in textile design and embroidery for many years, and recently become passionate about crochet too. I was originally an art teacher and embroidery tutor, then created a small business publishing greeting cards. It became a successful family partnership and we are finally handing the reins over to our daughter and stepping back a little. Now is the time for me to enjoy exploring and learning -and sharing - all that this wonderful world of textiles can offer me.

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