The Touch of Frost Blanket

Hello, and welcome to my new blog post, all about the Touch of Frost Blanket – my Christmas Crochet pattern for 2022, written in July – during the hottest temperatures on record in the UK!

It just so happens that as I type this, it’s a sweltering 30 degrees here on the east coast of Scotland. I know that further south it’s much hotter, but it’s unheard of here, and liable to melt my frosty blanket!

The story behind the designing and making of the blanket starts back in December of last year though, when it WAS cold and frosty. It seemed a good time to look for inspiration, when all around was immersed in Christmas themes, and I began by thinking of a colour palette for this new project.

Wintry walks

The first piece of inspiration came when a well known garden and plant catalogue popped through the letterbox one morning. Just the kind of glossy magazine to lose yourself in for a little while, with coffee in hand.

One of the pages took the theme of silver and gold together, with pale grey, white and cream. I think it was for summer flowers if I remember rightly, but the colours sparked off an idea…….

I collected together as many Winter and Christmas themed images in soft neutrals, white and gold that I could find on Pinterest, to make an inspiration board, and the colour palette began to take shape.

Pinterest board

But I wanted a little touch of green and red in amongst the white as well, to represent winter berries on a snow white landscape, and above all the sparkle and glitter of frost and ice.

It was lovely to work with pure white for a change, and the choice of sparkle yarn in James C Brett Twinkle, was a good one. I can just see the blanket glittering and twinkling away, by the light of flickering candles or fairylights. Not too close with the candles though!

The first thing I came up with was the Holly Square (it’s a different pattern from the Holly Square of the Noel Nine Patch blanket from last year, by the way), which set the tone for the rest of the blanket, and then I teamed it with a Snowflake Square, to build up the centre section.

I was really happy with the slightly different border round the squares, which tied the whole centre together rather well.

The blanket grew from the centre, as most of my blankets tend to do, without any formal planning past the first stage. I just figured out each section as I came to them. The little Holly Border in Section 3 was a real favourite.

Thankfully the blanket itself was finished long before this hot weather arrived, and I’ve been spending the last few weeks writing up the pattern, and editing the video tutorials which accompany it. I’ve had a good laugh at some of the ‘outtakes’ – everything from sneezing husband with hayfever, to camera stand toppling over and landing at my feet with phone still attached, to being buzzed by first a bluebottle and then a wasp.

Anyway it’s a wrap, as they say in movie circles, and I can finally say that the pattern is published and can be found in my Etsy shop here, or my Ravelry store here. The five accompanying videos are on my YouTube channel, and can be accessed via a link in the pattern.

Lastly, the lovely Veronica and Beth of

have put together a Yarn Pack for this blanket, available from their website. It includes all the yarns needed, plus a very useful wooden Shade Card. You can opt to buy just the yarn pack, or I believe you will also be able to get one which includes a printed copy of the pattern as well. Overseas customers are invited to enquire about shipping charges to their country.

It’s a little unusual for me to be so ahead of myself, with a Christmas project ready for publication in July. It’s usually September when that happens, but this year with my planning getting under way right in the middle of the Christmas holidays, I was months in advance.

I had intended leaving the publication date until September, but that wasn’t what you wanted! The consensus was ‘let’s have it now’ and why not? It will give you loads of time to have it ready for the Festive Season without having to rush.

So maybe it is 40° in the shade, but Christmas is only a few months away after all!

Meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer!


5 thoughts on “The Touch of Frost Blanket

  1. I loved your story about all the thought and inspiration that went into the Touch of Frost blanket. It is gorgeous, and I am waiting to see if I can get yarn shipped to the USA. What a beautiful creation! Can’t wait to make it! Thank you!

  2. I love all the frosty images, with a hint of red berries, which inspired your new wintry blanket! The combination is beautiful!

  3. Oh Marion your blankets are just so amazing. I am just finishing my nine patch then this one is a definite next. Can’t resist the beautiful colours and shades.

  4. I just finished this one last night. I’ve had so many compliments on the beautiful subtle colors, to which I reply, they are all by the designer. I wish I could take credit. It IS beautiful.

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