The Baby Blanket Collection, and it’s FREE

Hi again everyone – this must be a record. Two blog posts just days apart – that’s what having a social media holiday does for you – gives you more time to do other things, like write blog posts! ( Is this classed as social media too?)

PASTEL – The first of the baby blankets

So anyway, this post is all about a project I was working on at the start of the summer, which seems like ages ago now.

It all began because of the cushion you can see in the photo above. It had been an offshoot of the Frosted Pearl blanket I made earlier in the year – I have a blog post all about that too. The cushion came about because 1. I was completely in love with the colours of the blanket and 2. I had a fair amount of the yarn left over.

Now, the cushion sits in my bedroom so I see it every day, and every day it stops me as I walk past and makes me draw breath at its gloriously soft colours. It was inevitable I would revisit that colour palette at some point.

And I did, of course. I decided to make a baby blanket, as I could just imagine those pastels looking fabulous in a silver grey nursery decor, which is very on trend at the moment.

It was a nice quick make and I was very happy with the outcome, so much so, that I went on and made two more blankets using the same pattern, but in different colourways.

The first of these is the Paprika Blanket, which I used as the sample one for the pattern, taking photos of the process at every step.

PAPRIKA – the second Baby Blanket

I guess I had more of a baby boy in mind when I chose these colours, but I’m not allowed to say that now, am I? And really all of the colourways are unisex.

You can see that it is the same pattern, but the colour placement is a little different.

And although they were designed as Baby Blankets, they would make really pretty throws for a chair, or a little lap blanket.

I think PAPRIKA has a bit of a vintage look about it, again very on trend.

Now, coming to the third colourway, I reckoned I had to go for a rainbow effect as it’s so popular for babies. I don’t work in traditional rainbow colours all that often, but this was really fun to do and I tempered the brights a little by incorporating the new Stylecraft Special grey – A Hint Of Silver.

RAINBOW – the third baby blanket
I really like how the rainbow colours flow through this

But I hadn’t stopped there. Oh no, I still couldn’t leave that pastel colourway behind, so I made a bonus baby blanket in simple bands of stripes, using the most gorgeous squishy little stitch called Elizabeth stitch.

It’s such an effective but incredibly easy stitch to do and it works up quickly too.

STRIPE – The bonus baby blanket
And a closeup of that gorgeous Elizabeth stitch

I’ve put all four blankets together in a pattern booklet and my intention all along has been to make this available FREE to all. So, you just need to click the link at the end of this post to get your copy.

It contains a full Yarn List for all the blankets, as well as the usual step by step instructions and lots of photos to help along the way.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t included the cushion as part of the pattern. That is simply because I made it a while ago, and would need to make another from scratch to remind me of what I did, and also for the photo tutorials. So, apologies for that.

One last thing, a number of people have contacted me recently asking where they can store the patterns they’ve bought, on their device – ipad or whatever. I tell them to download the free app, Adobe Acrobat Reader from the app store. Any pdf file you then download will open in the app and if you have an ipad as I do, it’s as easy to read the pattern – or even easier – than a printed version. Not to mention saving paper and ink!

I’ve also been asked to make my patterns available on Ravelry, which I think will be my next job, once I figure out how to do it!

The Baby Blanket Collection

So there you have it – the Baby Blanket Collection pattern can be downloaded by clicking HERE

There are some other free patterns on my blog as well, which you will find if you scroll through the posts.

I hope you enjoy making the baby blanket, if you choose to do it and don’t forget to share your makes on Instagram or Facebook, tagging me @woolthreadpaint so I can see your photos.

Bye for now and Happy Crocheting,

Marion x

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