Beach Walk Blanket

Over the past few months, I’ve been walking every day on a beautiful and quiet beach only a few minutes’ walk from my home.

Each day the colours, sights and sounds are different. Sometimes calm and sunny – sometimes grey, overcast and wild. But always beautiful.

I’ve been capturing the moments on camera and sharing them on social media, as a small way to help us all get through these difficult times.

Some of the photographs, particularly of the pebbles washed up on the high Spring tides, inspired me with their many colours hidden amongst the stones – surprising mauves, terracottas, slate blues, oranges – little flashes of colour among the greys.

I decided to design a blanket with the theme of these colours and the Beach Walk Blanket was born.

I’m so happy with the result – a fairly large blanket with at first glance a colour palette of greys and cream, but with glimpses of all these other amazing colours popping out when you look more closely.

The pattern itself is not complicated, combinations of granny squares and granny stripes in different sizes, working from the centre outwards.

The colour palette is definitely the star in this blanket, and in order to get just the right shades, I worked between four different yarn brands. They are all the same weight and type, and blend well together. What’s more they are machine washable and don’t need blocking, perfect for a blanket.

Yarns used were Stylecraft Special DK, Stylecraft Batik, Deramores Studio DK and Scheepjes Colour Crafter.

The pattern is now available on Etsy for instant download, and if you are quick off the mark before the end of June 2020, there is an automatic discount of 30% by clicking on the link below.

Beach Walk Blanket Instant Pattern Download

Happy crocheting!

PS IMPORTANT UPDATE – A couple of errors fave been flagged up in the pattern. Firstly, one of the yarn colours is missing from the list. It’s one ball of Stylecraft Special DK in Mustard (sorry!)

Also, a typo in the grid of colours for the granny squares in Section 1 has meant that a couple of the squares have been duplicated, when they should all be different.

The grid below is the correct one –

Grid of colours for granny squares in Section 1

37 thoughts on “Beach Walk Blanket

  1. You forgot the mustard, but included camel and I can’t see that being used in the pattern!

    1. Hi Lisa – you are right. This was amended but you must have purchased an early copy of the pattern. However, either colour looks absolutely fine in the blanket, so if you have the camel, you can use it wherever mustard is mentioned. I couldn’t make my mind up between them, which I think is where the confusion arose when I was writing the pattern.

  2. Hi Marion,

    In section 6, the 31st granny square has mustard used twice, is this correct? Love the pattern.

    1. Hi Kate – Sorry, that was a typo error which has been corrected, but it must have been after you bought the pattern. The correct colours for 31 are: S Grape, S Mustard, S Khaki, S. Mushroom. I’m glad you are enjoying the pattern – happy crocheting! Marion x

  3. I love the colour palette of this blanket as it is a complete departure for me – I always seem to gravitate to blues and greens.
    I have completed Section 6 but am confused as to whether I should be doing a round of htr’s around the edge of the blanket before going on to Section 7 or do the first round of section 7 incorporating the method of “3htr, 1 sl st into the gap between squares + 1 ch, 3 htr in the next corner to neaten up the join between squares. Obviously this will affect the number of spaces available to join the minis in Section 8.

    1. Hi Jane – you will have completed round 6 with the jayg in Graphite in the HTR. That is the lower edge of the granny square join.Then you start section 7 with the granny stripe rounds in TR. So there will be two rounds in Graphite, one is the lower edging of the JAYG and one is the Granny Stripe. I hope that makes it clearer for you. Marion x

  4. Hi 👋 I’ve purchased the beach walk pattern but I’ve now Lost it in my email it’s already downloaded can you only find this in your email box and not in a folder ?i love the colours you have chosen it’s grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it it’s the first time I’ve bought a pattern I really wanted it .

  5. I’ve just buy the pattern. Is there a pack with the yarns? Is there anywhere to buy the pack? Is very dificult for me to meet all the yarns…

  6. Just purchased enough wool for my friend and I to create this beautiful blanket, so excited can’t wait for it to arrive

  7. I am struggling with getting going on round 5 and there is no illustration to show how this round should look. I have started in the corner with the 3ch&2tr and then put 3tr in next space which happens to be the other corner of the first square. If I follow your instruction to do the 1trtog next it doesn’t fit over the joining round but instead straddles the corners of the second motif. Do you have a photo to show where the stitches should be please?

    1. Hi Natasha – So you do the CH3, TR2 in the corner. Then there is a space in the middle of the mini granny square where you put the TR3. ( I think you may have missed that)
      The next space is the corner of the granny square and it butts up against the corner of the next square.
      If you put three trebles in the first corner followed by three trebles in the second, you would have too many clusters of granny stitches.
      So in the first corner, TR1, then yarn over, insert your hook, yarn over and pull through two loops. You will have two loops left on your hook. Now yarn over and this time insert your hook into the second corner. Yarn over and pull through loop, making four loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through two, then yarn over and pull through the remaining two. Work a final TR1 in that same space.
      You will see that by doing TR1, then TR2tog and TR1 again you have covered that join with three stitches which is the equivalent of one granny cluster and that will keep you right for the following rounds.
      I hope that helps.

  8. I have a min granny square (one round) with 4 corners (equal to four spaces). How do I then as you describe have a space in the middle where I can put three trebles which I assume you are describing as space between the two corners?

    1. Maybe, just maybe I have to do an edging round after the JAYG before I start no 1 of part 5. Perhaps this would give me the space you are talking about?

      1. Yes you have to complete the JAYG by working along the bottom edge of the mini grannies, just like you completed the centre section of the blanket by working around the outside edge. If you follow the instructions for that you should find yourself back at the point where you started.

  9. I bought the pattern but am finding it impossible to get the wool from one stockist which is very disappointing. Can you recommend somewhere that sells all the wool. I have spent ages on various websites trying to source the wool.

    1. The website I use is and they ship worldwide. They normally have good stocks of all the yarns, but I think it has been a little difficult to keep stock levels up recently, like so many others due to Covid. The Batik Graphite is out of stock just now for example, but I’ve been informed it will be back any day now.

  10. Hi, just bought this pattern … is it now correct colour and grid wise or do I need to check back on blog etc. Just so I order correct amounts in wool thank you.

      1. Hi Marion, I recently started this blanket, and am doing the 15 squares that surround the central 9 squares. The middle square on the right has Green Tea as both round 1 and round 4. Is this correct?

  11. Can I ask. On the grid above. The centre grid. On the right side of the grey joining squares. 3rd one down it says green tea twice. So start and end with green tea ???

    1. Hi Evelyn – yes that is exactly how I made that square. If you don’t want to have Green Tea in twice, it is perfectly fine to substitute one of them for a different colour of your choice.

  12. Hi, I’ve just noticed that Green Tea is being mentioned in these comments, but my pattern has warm grey instead? X

    1. Hi Donna, I changed the pattern to include Warm Grey when it was introduced as a new colour by Stylecraft. The reason was because it is very similar in colour to Green Tea and is easier for people to order. Of course, if you prefer, you can opt for Deramores Green Tea. Either colour looks perfect in the blanket.

  13. Hi , love the colours in this blanket , and wonder if you could tell me the size of finished product ?

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