The Spots n Stripes Blanket

Hello again,

Away back in 2018, at the height of my love affair with Stylecraft Batik, I made three blankets one after the other, in this wonderful water colour effect yarn.

The third one, my actual favourite, is this one – SpotsnStripes. It has taken me a while, but due to increasing demand I decided to write up a pattern for it. That meant making a second one, of course so I could photograph the different stages and gauge the amount of yarn used.

The theme of spots and stripes is a real favourite of mine. You just need to look in my wardrobe at the number of stripey t shirts and spotty scarves to realise that!

And those Batik colours are so gorgeous. I deliberately went random, pairing colours that would not immediately be considered good companions but the result is lively and fresh, all tempered and controlled by the lovely deep border of inky blue Indigo.

The pattern uses just three very basic crochet stitches plus my very own joining method so is within the scope of all crochet abilities. There is added eye candy in the form of crocheted “buttons” which give a cute finish to an already quirky blanket!

I have a couple of video tutorials as well to help you along the way. Firstly, the tutorial for the Side to Side Slip Stitch Join, which can be seen in an earlier post on this blog, and then a little video I’ve made explaining how I go about attaching the buttons to the blanket.

It can be seen here.

Finally, the most important part – the pattern.

It is available to purchase here, in my Etsy shop –

Happy crocheting!

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