May Blossom and Autumn Gold Blankets

I’ve updated this post to tell you that the pattern for the May Blossom and Autumn Gold blankets, which I put on here in April, has had a complete makeover.

The original pattern had been saved on a rubbishy pdf reader which caused the file to do silly things and run to over 60 pages, and although it was a free pattern, it certainly used up a whole lot of precious paper stocks!

I’ve now taken the time to sort that out, and after a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears have managed to produce an altogether neater and more user friendly document.

There are a couple of more photos as well.

The pattern is now available to purchase here


I know that a lot of you have already made this pattern and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see your results posted on Instagram.

It has apparently been a godsend for a lot of people who were isolated or stuck at home during the recent lockdown. So many of you have told me how it has kept you occupied and sane at a time of uncertainty and worry. That makes me feel as if I’ve done something useful with my time – thank you so much.

I hope this pattern will continue to engage people as we slowly emerge from the crisis and become a favourite for a long time to come.

And meanwhile, there is another one in the pipeline!

3 thoughts on “May Blossom and Autumn Gold Blankets

  1. Such a beautiful pattern and the colours are stunning. Thank you for sharing, I’m often short of inspiration. I’m really looking forward to making this for myself.

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