Welcome to Woolthreadpaint

Hello, my name is Marion and I own the pair of hands and crochet hook behind the name Woolthreadpaint, which is also the name of my Instagram and Facebook pages where I spend far too much time and post far too many photos.

If you want to contact me, please email me at woolthreadpaint@gmail.com instead of the Contact page, as I don’t often see messages on there.

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The Blair Atholl Blanket
The Spots n Stripes Blanket Revisited
The Gem Blanket Collection
Cherry Blossom Blanket Pattern
YARN LIST for the Cherry Blossom Blanket
The Baby Blanket Collection – FREE PATTERN
The Noel Nine Patch Blanket for Christmas 2021
The Narrow Boat Blanket (UPDATE Pattern now published)
Green Shoots Blanket Pattern is published!
The Frosted Pearl Blanket Pattern is here!
John’s Story
The Granny Square Scarf FREE Pattern
The Frosted Pearl Blanket
The Winter Season Blanket
The Copenhagen Blanket
The Cheerful Circles Blanket FREE Pattern
The Spots n Stripes Blanket

img_2298 2Vintage Florals Blanket

img_3348Beach Walk Blanket June 2020

359551a8-a269-4d67-b71e-9eddcd41a914May Blossom Blanket April 2020

8df09940-90a6-4943-a98e-45ba43d845e6Autumn Gold Blanket April 2020

1ddcc7f6-a153-4d3e-9278-7b322bbcf7efMay Blossom Blanket Video Tutorials

img_9902Side to Side Slip Stitch Join Tutorial March 2020

img_3756The Shandon Blanket November 2018

36202150-afeb-407d-b4a5-cf384d3f9c71Little Gem Blanket September 2019

img_3102My Story