The Vintage Florals Blanket 2023

It’s here at last – the pattern has just been uploaded to my Etsy shop and all the NINE accompanying videos are on my You Tube channel. You will find the links to these videos included in the pattern.

For all who rushed out and stocked up on the yarns as soon as I posted the list in my last post, THANK YOU for your patience. I hope you have a lot of fun making this blanket.

Now here is some information for anyone who bought the original pattern in its last incarnation – because remember, this is a remake of an older pattern. The new pattern is a completely rewritten version, not just a simple update with new yarn colours. So it will not be available free of charge to anyone who purchased the old one on Etsy. However, I am happy to let you have the link to the videos, so that you can use them along with your old pattern. If you would like the link, please log in to Etsy and send me an Etsy message. I’ve managed to create a link, but only via Etsy, so please don’t email or message me on Facebook or Instagram – just Etsy.

For those who purchased the old pattern on Ravelry, the full pattern update has gone into your Ravelry library automatically.

For those who asked if the new pattern is much different to the old one, this is a photo of the new one while it was being made, lying on top of the old one. You will see that they are very similar.

Finally for today, here is the direct link to the Vintage Florals Blanket on ETSY and on Ravelry.

I’m off to lie down in a darkened room now!

See you soon xx

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    1. If you mean the link to the pattern in my Etsy shop, it’s at the end of my post. If it’s the link to the videos, you need to log in to your Etsy account and message me from there, like I said.

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