New Vintage Florals Blanket – Yarn List

Hello again. Happy New year to you.

I’m starting 2023 by looking back to a couple of years ago, and revisiting one of my most popular patterns, the Vintage Florals Blanket.

This shows the original blanket from 2021 with the new version underway on top.

2022 for me was a year of updating and rewriting quite a few of my patterns – new colour palettes where yarns had been discontinued, improved photo tutorials etc etc, and the Vintage Florals was a large project which really needed some attention and maintenance. The first version of the pattern had been written retrospectively, and as an afterthought really, once the blanket had been completed.

The consequence of that was that I could only really estimate the yarn quantities, not always accurately and that has always troubled me in case I was either underestimating and leaving people short of yarn, or overestimating and making people buy too much.

I also couldn’t produce step by step photo tutorials, because well, it was already finished!

Added to that there have been the inevitable discontinued yarns as I said, but despite it all, it’s been such a well loved design. So, it was time make a new one!

Vintage Florals blanket, version two!

I had such a lot of fun making this pretty one again. The colours are just the antidote to the dark jewel shades and the reds and greens of Christmas. They look forward to lighter days and Spring flowers with the fresh creams, pinks and greens.

It also draws inspiration from the soft shades of faded antique patchwork quilts, and I sometimes wonder if it’s that which has made it my best selling pattern with American customers.

So what is new with this version?

  1. This time the pattern has been written at the same time as I was making the blanket, so all the photo tutorials are of the moment, and there are a lot more of them.
  2. The colour palette has been updated with yarns which are currently available, and which hopefully will continue to be for the forseeable future.
  3. The Yarn List is more accurate this time, and I’ve included the actual amount used of each colour. This will be useful if you have a stash of yarns that you want to use up.
  4. There are one or two little changes to the original pattern which I think improves the overall look.
  5. And for the first time I’ve been able to make accompanying video tutorials for EVERY section of the blanket! These videos will be available when you purchase the pattern, and it will be like we are making it together.

Let’s skip to the reason for this blog post – THE YARN LIST, something I’ve been asked for a lot over the past few weeks. It will of course be included in the pattern, but if you want to get organised with your yarn ahead of publication, here it is. It will also let you check your stash to see what you might already have.

The yarns shown in red spells DANGER! These are the EXACT amounts I used, weighed on my digital scales. If your tension is even a fraction looser than mine, you may use a little more of each colour, and as you can see these red yarns have very little left out of the ball. If in doubt, maybe you could add an extra ball of these colours.

These yarns are all currently available and can easily be ordered from This online yarn store ships worldwide and has great recommendations from my Facebook Group members, many based in the US, Canada and Australia, for their fast and reasonably priced shipping rates.

However, I know that many of you, like me have quite a lot of yarn stashed away, and very likely you will be able to pick some of these colours from what you already have. I hope so. Even if any yarn you may have is not the exact same brand, as long as it is 100% acrylic and the recommended hook size is 4mm, you will be able to work it into the blanket successfully.

There are a lot of different colours in this blanket but I feel they are justified to get the desired effect, and it is a good size – big enough for a double bed.

One last thing, the new blanket is about 90% the same design as the first one. It is very slightly bigger, as I made the final border a little deeper but by and large it’s the same pattern. Some of the colour placements are slightly different though.

So now, I’ll be deep in photos, tutorials and videos for the next few days and will finally emerge with the written pattern.

Back soon! xx

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  1. when will the NEW Vintage Floral Pattern be available. Already made the Beach Pebble blanket and absolutely love it. My very first piece of crochet and it came out perfect due to the brilliant instructions.

  2. The yarn arrived from Wool Warehouse today. Just gorgeous. The online photos do not do the colors justice.

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