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Introducing my new blanket design for the end of the year, 2023. I’ve called it the Winter Walk Blanket, because in my mind as I was planning it, I was imagining walking in the woods near our cottage, during the early days of winter.

I imagined that the golds, oranges and russets of Autumn were past, and the seasons had moved on to the darker days, where the cold weather was settling in bringing morning mists and dripping trees. There would still be colour to be found though, and I personally love this time of year. Red berries and rosehips clinging to bare branches, dried up leaves mulching into the ground, grey skies heralding snow, and deep evergreens – the only green left in the woods.

We’re lucky enough to have a Redwood Trail in our local park, majestic trees whose warm nut brown textured bark remains that colour all year round, and the daily walk through the redwoods to the beach became the focus of my colour palette.

Once the blanket was finished, I persuaded my husband (and photographer’s assistant) to accompany me for a photoshoot of the blanket in its natural habitat – I needed his height and long arms to lift up the blanket for me, and the redwood trees with their textured bark obligingly gripped it without any need for fixing.

The colours which had been in my head now blended happily into the landscape, and although this had been a crochet project undertaken during the bright summer months, I was very pleased with how it turned out.

So let’s talk about the pattern itself. As usual, (I’m sure you know me by now) granny squares are there in abundance – four round and five round grannies, as well as lots of mini grannies.

And this time I’ve introduced a little surface embroidery representing evergreen branches like spruce or fir, to embellish some of the squares. This is a technique very close to my heart and I’m delighted with the result. It just adds another dimension and a touch of realism to the design. (I’ve also got a few tips and tricks to smooth the way, if you’ve never attempted embroidery before!)

The blanket is a biggie – measuring approx 57 ins square, that’s 146 cms, so it will not only keep you wrapped up and feeling cosy, but the colours will make the room feel a little cosier too.

As I type this, I’m in the process of writing the pattern and making some video tutorials. Once they’re ready, the pattern will be available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s published.

However, it’s now time to show you the Yarn List ahead of the pattern – something I’ve done for the last few blanket patterns. This is due to public demand. Many of you have asked to have the list so that you can be all ready to go as soon as the pattern is published, which makes sense of course.

The yarn list is coming up next, but first there are a couple of things about the colours I’ve used, that I need to clarify.

First if you are eagle eyed, you may have spotted a couple of colours I’ve used in my blanket which don’t appear in the list. That is because once I’d put them in to the blanket, I decided they didn’t fit with my overall plan – too strong and bright. I’m talking about Lime and Copper. Go on, have a close look and see if you can spot them!

Anyway, in the pattern I’ve replaced them with colours already being used, and I’m certain the outcome will be better.

Second, you will notice that three of the yarns listed are highlighted in yellow. That’s to emphasise the fact that I had very little of that colour left over, so little in fact that if you crochet with even a slightly looser tension than I do, you might not have enough of the yarn. I’m flagging this up in case you feel it would be prudent to order an extra ball of these colours, just in case.

Finally, the blanket has been made mostly in Stylecraft Special DK. I use this yarn because it is a premium acrylic. Yes I know that some people will only work with natural fibres, and of course that is your choice, but this yarn is hard wearing and machine washable (and also not a meal for moths!), so it’s perfect for blankets – it’s reasonably priced so it won’t break the bank, and it’s a very popular yarn which is unlikely to be discontinued (the nightmare for all crochet designers!).

I’m sure you are well acquainted with Stylecraft Special already. It’s the yarn most likely to be in people’s stashes, which is why I’ve been so precise about the amount of each colour I’ve used. If you have a yarn stash, you can check to see what you have and if you have enough of a colour already , before you go ordering more.

Here is Wool Warehouse (no affiliation), a well known online stockist where you can obtain all of the yarns required, and bear in mind they will ship worldwide.

There is also Craftopia, an independent yarn shop which is intending to make up yarn packs for this pattern, making it so easy for you. I believe they also ship worldwide, but it’s worth checking with them. (Please note, at time of writing they won’t have the packs ready yet – I’m told Monday 25th Sept).

And for anyone in Europe who doesn’t want to pay shipping charges from the UK, there is an alternative. The Dutch brand, Scheepjes has a range called Scheepjes Colour Crafter DK which is comparable to Stylecraft in weight and type, and what’s more is an exact match colourwise to Stylecraft. So I’ve listed the shade names of this yarn as an alternative option below. I believe Scheepjes Colour Crafter is also available in some US online retailers.

Last but not least, there are two more yarn brands which appear in the blanket. The first is King Cole Comfort DK, and the second is James C Brett Stonewash DK. I’ve used just one colour out of each of these ranges. The pale green in the King Cole Comfort range is there because Stylecraft doesn’t do a comparable shade. It’s such a beautiful soft shade of green that the blanket would not be the same without it. (I have listed a Stylecraft and Scheepjes alternative which is not quite so soft a shade, but will do if the King Cole Comfort is ever discontinued)).

The Stonewash yarn is a lovely variegated yarn in subtle colours, which nicely breaks up the other solid colours. Now, this is one which MAY be at risk of being discontinued at some point in the future. Other shades in that range have been axed before, but I do want to include it, at least for the moment because it is so nice. If it does disappear, then I think the Stylecraft Special in Silver would be a suitable alternative. It’s not variegated, but the overall tone is similar.

Phew, that’s enough from me!

Here at last is the Yarn List!!

Yarn BrandShadeNo of Balls (100g)Actual Amount Used
Stylecraft Special DKKHAKI3225g
James C BrettStonewash DK   
Shade SW20175g
King Cole Comfort DKBASIL2186g
 Total22 balls 

The last two options in the above image are alternatives if the James C Brett Stonewash SW20 and the King Cole Comfort DK Basil are unobtainable.

By the way, if you are in the US and prefer to use American yarns, the US weight equivalent to DK is Light Worsted.

Now I’m heading back to the pattern to continue writing it up. I hope to have it ready to land in my Etsy and Ravelry shops in early October, so that’s only two or three weeks away!

I’ll make sure I broadcast it here and on my Instagram and Facebook pages when the time comes.

Bye for now!

8 thoughts on “The Winter Walk Blanket

  1. Thank you!!! This will be for our youngest son and his fiancee living in San Francisco and the last of our kids to have a Mom-made Marion Mitchell Design blanket. Looking forward to your embroidery touches – they look great!

  2. J ai trop hâte de le commencer. J adore les couleurs. Je vais acheter la laine Scheepjes en attendant les explications. Il sera pour moi, mais certainement squatter par mes chats. Merci merci 😁 a très bientôt

  3. A stunning new pattern, Marion! I love the new updated look to your blog too!
    Sandra/zinniapetal (on Instagram)

  4. Can’t find the embroidery instruction online – can you direct me? I can crochet very well (made several of your blankets) but this is a new skill to acquire!


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