Side to Side Slip Stitch Join

Hi everyone

I’ve been asked by a number of people who have seen my latest blanket on Instagram about the join I’m using.

To my knowledge it isn’t a regular join, but one that I made up myself. I devised it for a blanket I was making in 2017, and really the liked the effect it gave for being such a simple stitch. I searched on Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc to see if I could find it by someone else, but drew a blank.

Update – I’ve since found three other people on youtube who claim ownership of this stitch by way of their youtube video tutorials. The interesting thing is though – their tutorials all appeared a few weeks after this tutorial on my blog! Funny that, isn’t it?

So I’m now convinced that this stitch is my baby!

And I’ll I’ll happily take credit for it and call it Side to Side Slip Stitch join by Woolthreadpaint! If you want to share it anywhere, please go ahead, but I would ask you to credit me as the designer.

So – Side to Side Slip Stitch Join by Marion of Woolthreadpaint…….

And here is the video tutorial. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Side to Side Slip Stitch Join

  1. That’s brilliant Marion. Thank you for the video. It was really clear. Lovely to hear your beautiful soft Scottish burr too.

  2. Thank you so much for this…’s just the type of join I’ve been looking for! Perfect to join the squares on my two “Lockdown ” blankets!!

  3. Perfect….. Thank you for sharing this…. I shall definitely be using this joining method in future. 😊

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial of the Side to Side join stitch. I love it and how it looks and the simplicity of it. Your video was perfect in explaining how it is to be done. Thank you again for sharing your creative and pretty join stitch.
    Much appreciation from across the waters in the USA!

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