Yarn List for the Cherry Blossom Blanket

Cherry Blossom Blanket

Hello again,

This is hot off the press, or hot off the hook whichever way you like, but yesterday I put the last stitch into this new blanket and did a little celebratory dance, or as much as my bad back would allow. (To be fair, it’s nearly all better so I shouldn’t moan).

I’ll tell the full story behind this creation when I have the pattern ready, but meantime I’m following my usual tradition and posting the Yarn List, so anyone who wants to can get the yarn ordering done ahead of time – or even check your stash in case you already have what you need.

Let’s be honest, most people have a “little” tucked away! lol

Now the thing about this blanket, the main thing really, is the number of colours I’ve used to create the shading effect. There are quite a lot, and some of them are only used in small amounts so be prepared for leftovers, which you can just add to that stash of yours!

So here they are, starting with the neutrals/browns –

You will need ONE 100G BALL each of Style craft Special DK in the following colours. (I’ve put the amount I actually used of each colour next to it so you can check if you already got enough in your stash)

CREAM (60g), SILVER (70g), GREY (20g), WARM GREY (100g), PARMA VIOLET (30g), GRAPHITE (100g), KHAKI (30g), MOCHA (70g), WALNUT (20g)

You will also need ONE 100G ball of Scheepjes Colour Crafter DK in Verviers (90g)

and ONE 50g ball each of Stylecraft Batik DK in CREAM (30g) and Graphite (50g)

Now the pinks –

You will need ONE 100g BALL each of Stylecraft Special DK in


and finally ONE 50G BALL of Stylecraft Batik in ROSE (30g)

All these yarns can be ordered from http://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk who operate a good shipping service to all countries.

The Scheepjes Colour Crafter, which is the top right in the picture of the greys, is an important one for the design and there is no alternative shade in Stylecraft.

So, that should let you get your yarn ready for when the pattern is published. Hopefully that will be in a couple of weeks and as usual there will be a video tutorial or two to accompany the pattern.

I will splash the news all over Instagram and Facebook as soon as it’s ready.

Meantime, keep crocheting!

Marion xx

8 thoughts on “Yarn List for the Cherry Blossom Blanket

  1. Thank You but I am Afraid the Shipping may be a Problem. I am in the USA. I have a lot of the Stylecraft Special DK on hand in my stash so I will get some of the colors I don’t have from Wool Warehouse 😊 They are really great with shipping costs to the USA! But thank you so much for Offering 🥰

  2. Just finishing the border on my Beach Walk Blanket.
    Have most of the colours for Cherry Blossom in stash….guess what my next project will be…!!
    Marion…your designs are superb and such great fun to make.
    Thank you.

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